Bubblegum Moon Club

Lucrezia is sure the other girls are hiding something from her! Just because she’s new (and short-tempered, and always in trouble), they gather with their glamorous leader, the uber-popular Giselle, to giggle and gossip, but she’ll show them! With her super spy tools (“borrowed” from her father, the world’s most famous secret agent), Lucrezia sets out to uncover the dirt on the popular clique known as the Bubblegum Moon Club, but what will she do when she discovers the elegant Giselle is actually the world’s SECOND-most famous secret agent, using this high school as a base for her operations against a sinister global conspiracy? A conspiracy that strikes against Lucrezia’s own father, and reveals itself to have agents placed within the Bubblegum Moon Club itself! Ornery Lucrezia and Teacher’s Pet Giselle have to work together to save the day!

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