Blood Star Eternal

When the Galactic Center starts to die, sun after sun collapsing into red dwarfs that cannot support life, human civilization has only one hope: the long-discredited research of Doctor Lanspar and her deep-space explorer, The Whimsy Decode. For decades the Doctor has tried to convince her colleagues that stars are sentient creatures with unthinkably long lifespans. Now she has to find a way to rebuild her aging ship and take it into the mind-bending world of living stars, racing against social collapse and vicious civil war to find a cure, only to discover that what’s happening has been long prophesied among the giant intelligences themselves: the coming of the BLOOD STAR ETERNAL. Can Doctor Lanspar and her heroic crew find a way to save two civilizations?

Tokyo Dragon Academy

Kim grew up in the high mountains, where the dragons are wild, and those who ride them even wilder. But when she and her rough-scaled mount, Tangleflame, get spotted by a travelling scout for the International Dragon Games, neither of them are ready for life in the wildest place of all: the biggest dragon-riding school in the world: TOKYO DRAGON ACADEMY! Kim and Tangleflame are dynamite on the field, but in the classroom and the hallways, Kim’s country ways and clumsy confusion dump her into one embarrassing situation after another. Sometimes she nearly gives up, but the constant support of her ferocious dragon keeps her determined to win this year’s Dragon Games and show everyone what she’s really made of!

Neon Blade: Genesis

The all-new beginning of the incredible NEON BLADE odyssey: NEON BLADE: GENESIS! Nano-scientist Doctor Talbot Gilgamesh is sure that he is on the cusp of a huge breakthrough in manifesting technology, but when Earth first faces the terrible onslaught of the Bone-Gnawers, all research is brought under the umbrella of the fledgling Tammuz Corporation, and Doctor Gilgamesh is forced to abandon his work for the greater good. He grows suspicious of the powers behind Tammuz, however, when it seems that elements of his technology are being applied without thought for the consequences. As the human race loses its grip on the planet, can Doctor Gilgamesh stop whoever has stolen his research before the entire solar system is consumed in self-replicating, intelligent nanomachines?

Vampire Waitress Girl

Maria is determined to make sure THIS job doesn’t end in disaster. She loves this truck stop, and she looks super-cute in the uniform! Plus her undead super-powers make sure rough customers don’t come back. Even learning that her new boss, Madam Bonatella, is a dedicated vampire hunter, isn’t enough to dissuade ever-optimistic Maria. She’s going to live a normal teenage girl life, no matter how many bodies it takes!

Robo Squad X

Lucius has dreamed all his life of joining the famous ROBO SQUADS, defenders of the human civilization against the radioactive mutants that prowl the Negative Zone, but when his first mission ends in ambush and chaos, it seems he might be done before he starts! Somehow the mutants are getting stronger, and one by one the Robo Squads are being picked off… almost as though they were set up. Squad X is all that’s left before Lucius makes the shocking discovery as to who’s behind it all, but will they be enough to turn the tide and save humanity?

Death Bride Overture

Yoshie has always dreamed of her perfect wedding — but she never imagined she’d be killed at the altar! Now she has to relive the violent destruction of her hopes and dreams over and over again in some demented afterlife, trying to piece together the mystery of who killed her and why… and try to remember exactly WHO she was supposed to be marrying. Angels descend and the veils of the afterlife are torn apart as Yoshie uses her ghostly time-travelling powers to uncover the truth!

Gothic Rocket Go

Sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth, having a spaceship with a mind of its own. Captain Ivanhoe and his sleek, sentient space cruiser, the Byron, travel the interstellar lanes seeking the mysterious Doctor Shiva, who alone possesses the cure to Ivanhoe’s terrible curse. The Captain’s longevity and superior strength come at a price: a terrible thirst for human blood! Left to his own miserable devices, Ivanhoe would stay clear of human space altogether, but Byron keeps “accidentally” running across delectable travelers. Is Byron up to something? Or is Ivanhoe just going mad?

Rhinestone Princess Memories

Once a sparkling line dancer, stomping and twirling in her cowboy boots with the best of them, Rina has been forced to return the cold and dismal world of her ninja family, and give up her dreams in exchange for the dreary life-or-death battles for the Soul Gems, those precious stones that preserve their holder’s lives for centuries. She longs to return to the glittering two-step, but when her old partner gets dragged into the battle, a Soul Gem is the only thing that can save his life and keep Rina dancing… forever!

Bubblegum Moon Club

Lucrezia is sure the other girls are hiding something from her! Just because she’s new (and short-tempered, and always in trouble), they gather with their glamorous leader, the uber-popular Giselle, to giggle and gossip, but she’ll show them! With her super spy tools (“borrowed” from her father, the world’s most famous secret agent), Lucrezia sets out to uncover the dirt on the popular clique known as the Bubblegum Moon Club, but what will she do when she discovers the elegant Giselle is actually the world’s SECOND-most famous secret agent, using this high school as a base for her operations against a sinister global conspiracy? A conspiracy that strikes against Lucrezia’s own father, and reveals itself to have agents placed within the Bubblegum Moon Club itself! Ornery Lucrezia and Teacher’s Pet Giselle have to work together to save the day!

Death Handkerchief Academy

Poor Ana is mortified when a sneezing attack in her very first class forces her to bring out the gaudy handkerchief that Granny gave her, but she’s not prepared for the sudden swirl of interest this embarrassing event creates! Why are her classmates so interested in her and her Granny’s zany embroidery? And why do so many of them seem so… heavily armed? But when super-cool class president Ricardo suddenly expresses his interest in shy, never-been-cool Ana, she has to decide if she’s going to give in to the thrill of romance, or if she needs to wipe away her easily-hurt feelings and uncover the truth about her Granny, this creepy school and all these dead bodies! DEATH HANDKERCHIEF ACADEMY