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Gilded Fang Cult

Updated: March 30, 11:28 p.m.

A ninja clan based on the slopes of a volcano in Hikakilalli. These dudes are CRAZY ninja. They’re descended from a group of natives who rescued Grand Master Kakima and nursed him back to health. In return, he taught them the secrets of the Gilded Fang Cult and they established their headquarters here. They have a friendly relationship with the Hikakilalli people but keep themselves separate. Since the latest trouble between Hikakilalli between Impsala, they have distanced themselves even further, suspecting that the Impsalans have not-good plans.

Gilded Fang ninja are easily recognizable — first of all, many of them are native, which is rare among the ninja clans. But even more so, the senior clan members adopt “cat” personas, and wear tiger or leopard or black panther masks. They fight with claws strapped to their hands and are adept at disappearing and striking from the darkness.

They have relics. And magic ninja powers. Like Essence-Absorbing Stance, and Exploding Fist Strike. And they’re named crazy things like Obsidian Tiger and Night-Ruling Falcon.

The biggest problem for the Gilded Fangs right now is that a number of their relics went missing when one of their fastnesses was overrun by Impsalan troops. Most of those relics are now on board the treasure fleet heading to Impsala. Oh, and they were basically completely wiped out.

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