Behold the Beholder!

Created by: sasser

A giant eye with little eyes surronding the biggest. All we know what a beholder is, right?

Armor Class: 12

Hit Points: 9

Weapon Type: Very Heavy


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus

Angry Smash

The beast raises its hand far above its head and forces as much power and strength into its arm as possible. This blow comes down on the adventurer with the force of a falling castle. The adventurer may roll his daring against the creature's brawn or take 3 points of damage. Even if the creature misses, he gains +2 to hit the adventurer for the rest of combat.

Elemental Wrath

When infuriated, the creature draws energy from the earth and air, and unleashes the energy in a cataclysmic blast. Anyone in the same arena as the caster when the fury is activated must make a Commitment save. If the save is failed, anyone in the same arena as the caster is forced into an adjacent arena, and takes 4 points of damage. Anyone in an adjacent arena must make a commitment save. {f this save is failed, the occupants of these arenas remain in their respective arenas, and take 2 points of damage.

Fire Burst

(Arena) A ring of flame bursts out in all directions from the caster.

2d10 vs cunning against all enemies in the arena; 1 damage.

Massive Bash

With his massive arms and strength, the creature can smash an opponent, causing them to be stunned and unable to perform an Attack or Move action if they have no acted thus far in the round. Additionally, they will be unable to perform those actions the following round.

Spectral Fright


Projects a fearful image to an enemy.

1d12 vs. Daring; 2 damage.

Touch of Death

Beings that have gone over to the other side, and then come back, have a kind of aura about them, a feeling of creepy that gets everywhere and makes you want a bath. These beings, wherever they go, carry with them the full experience of dying in crystal clear detail. Sometimes the smallest intimate contact- a touch, or eyes meeting, is enough to transmit part of that experience. Deal 2 damage to an opponent, and roll Commitment vs. Daring. If the opponent fails, then they are shaken and can not use any talents or spend awesome points until the end of their next turn.

Vengeful Strike

Chose any action except defend or protect to complete normally. In addition, make a counter attack against everyone that successfully hits you on the attack turn of this round. All counter attacks are made at -2.

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