Elder of Sun and Sand

Created by: Esoteric

Massively intelligent eight legged turtle behemoths, the Elders plod through the desert with unmatched stoicism. Usually gentle creatures, Elders have been known to fly into a rage when a thoughtful pondering cultivated over hundreds of years is interrupted by loud and intrusive humans. But when properly approached and enticed with a few tons of fresh foliage, a careful individual can glean a profound, ultimate truth of the universe. Usually it doesn't make any sense.

Call-ons: secret of the buried places, wisdom of ages, moving sand dune, earthshaker, riddles

Armor Class: 16

Hit Points: 18

Weapon Type: Very Heavy


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus

Crushing Insight

A single word of power causes temporary brain shutdown, blinding and confusing all who hear it. Everyone must succeed in a Commitment vs Awareness roll, or take 1 damage and -2 on next die roll.

Massive Size

The creature's armored back and flanks count as an arena. A reasonably safe arena, until the creature decides to roll over. If enraged, the creature can attack targets in its current arena, and in all adjacent arenas.


The creature's path is marked by dangerous sandtraps that can suck an adventurer down in a matter of seconds. If a traveler fails to notice the perfectly round indentations in the earth, then they are pulled down through the layer of sand and into a pit of warm, moist, giant turtle crap. What do the creatures eat that makes them leave such giant droppings? Hell if I know

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