Goblin Worker

Created by: BrentNewhall

Goblins stand about 3 feet tall, dress in ratty clothes, and work slavishly for what appears to be minimal rewards. They are almost always led by a shamanistic leader. Half the time this shaman is pursuing independent ends, and half the time is working for a more powerful being.

Goblin culture--what little can exist beyond the creatures' work habits--focuses on two concerns: agreements and spirituality.

Goblins are ever concerned with deals, which they call "bonds." Fitting, since a goblin committed to a deal will fulfill it literally to the point of death. Moreover, they are quick to make bonds.

This may be explained by goblins' constant preoccupation with spiritual matters. They are constantly performing rites and mumbling incantations. More dedicated goblin observers claim that goblins occasionally phase into and out of sight, as though able to move freely between this world and another. They see their bonds as a kind of spiritual connection that gives them better

Armor Class: 9

Hit Points: 2

Weapon Type: Light

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