Magma Worm


The mountain dwellers of Kerrindor tell tales of vicious worms roaming the blistering hot rims of the numerous sputtering volcanoes in their land. Cracking and splintering the surface of the rocky ground with their white hot forebodies they secrete their own scorching residue to ease the passage of their massive bodies as they circle the lava jets, taking in the heat of the mountain with tempered joy. The mountain people tell that rarely, when the mountain does not produce enough heat for all the worms to enjoy, they fly into a rage and lash out at all who wander too close to the mountains they travel or wreak havoc to mountain towns in hopes of striking up a raging fire to call their own.

In the winter time when much of the world sleeps away the cold of winter the worms dig deep below the mountain to sleep until the warmth has returned. Many miners, aiming to catch a head start on mining season have fallen victim to the Magma Worm's waking wrath, never to be seen again.

Armor Class: 12

Hit Points: 8

Weapon Type: Very Heavy


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus

Giant's Hide

The creature's body counts as a zone of your choice. The creature may attempt to eject any creatures inhabiting that zone on Round 6 as a Throw Action.

Magma Strike

The character flings raw, hot, magma from itself in the direction of an enemy, dealing 2 damage upon a successful hit. Roll 1d6: On a 4-5-6 the character or environment catches fire dealing 1 point of damage every turn until put out.

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