Minotaur Chieftan

Created by: barsoomcore

Leaders of the tribes of minotaur, these powerful warriors are unique amongst their people in their affinity with the energies of the world. They are raised from birth to act as a natural conduit for forces that they generally don't even comprehend. Along with the brute strength conditioned into every minotaur, these tribal leaders are surprisingly intelligent, able to wield diplomacy as well as they wield their axes. To insult or infuriate one is unwise, as their anger is typically what triggers their elemental fury, against which there is little hope to survive.

Armor Class: 14

Hit Points: 7

Weapon Type: Heavy


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus

Bullheaded Charge

Concentrating its rage, the beast rams its opponent, using its brute strength and rage to move both itself and its opponent to an adjacent arena, as well as dealing damage equal to its brawn if it hits. Targets can roll save against using brawn or daring.


This power allows the creature to move into a new arena AND make an attack against an enemy in that arena, as a single action. The action counts as a Move, and takes place in the Move part of the round.

Elemental Wrath

When infuriated, the creature draws energy from the earth and air, and unleashes the energy in a cataclysmic blast. Anyone in the same arena as the caster when the fury is activated must make a Commitment save. If the save is failed, anyone in the same arena as the caster is forced into an adjacent arena, and takes 4 points of damage. Anyone in an adjacent arena must make a commitment save. {f this save is failed, the occupants of these arenas remain in their respective arenas, and take 2 points of damage.

Gentlemen's Intellect

This beastie is surprisingly knowledgable and will know a single important fact about any topic the players might ask it. This can relate to unknown secrets or places or persons, forgotten lore, and any other adventure aiding topic the players inquire about.

Stiff Spine Against the Crowd

Deals +1 damage when facing more than 3 enemies.

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