Roughshod Serpents


These serpents of the sea usually seek out and follow voyaging ships navigating far out into the uncharted reaches of the great oceans, watching and waiting for clumsy sailors to fall overboard to feast upon. Many Roughshod Serpants who stay in the cold depths of the sea never grow much longer than twelve feet long. But sailors have been known to spin tales of Roughshod Serpants who have grown to monstrous size and length to the point that captains have ordered a slaughter of pig or cattle to keep the beasts at bay in hopes of keeping them from crushing the ship between it's scaly hide and swallowing the compliment of crew entirely.

Armor Class: 10

Hit Points: 8

Weapon Type: Heavy


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus

Serpent Bite

As an attack with a light weapons except on a successful hit roll Daring VS Cunning in Round 3 to impede the victim with a locked bite, dealing 2 points of damage. Continue rolling during Round 3 until the attacker has taken damage or the victim succeeds against the Round 3 roll.

Serpent Constrict

The character wraps or otherwise entangles a foe using it's body, trapping it there. The character makes a roll at +2 to grab an opponent and if successful the victim is considered "Cornered" until free. Every turn make a Daring VS Cunning during round 3. If successful, the victim stays trapped and take 1 point of damage. The trapped character can escape on Round 6 with a successful Cunning VS Commitment roll (at a -2 unless they succeeded the challenge in Round 3).

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