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The leaders of most tidewalker villages, these beings that, as the name suggests, appear to be a fusion of shark and man, are strong, brutish warriors, who pride themselves in both their martial skill, and in their innate savagery. they are proud and honorable, fiercely defending their territory, and their subjects, from any who would be so foolish to steal from the depths. as diplomats, they aren't the most refined in their field, but they have been known to negotiate deals with surface villages, and are not immune to reason.

Armor Class: 14

Hit Points: 5

Weapon Type: Heavy


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus


This power allows the creature to move into a new arena AND make an attack against an enemy in that arena, as a single action. The action counts as a Move, and takes place in the Move part of the round.

Gentlemen's Intellect

This beastie is surprisingly knowledgable and will know a single important fact about any topic the players might ask it. This can relate to unknown secrets or places or persons, forgotten lore, and any other adventure aiding topic the players inquire about.

Savage Bite

With a roar of rage, the user bares his jaws and bites savagely into its target. can replace an attack action with a test of brawn vs. brawn or daring. if the target fails, deal damage equal to brawn against a single target within your arena.

tidal manipulation

ages of evolutionary development, as well as years of personal experience, have allowed the creature an increased familiarity and skill in aquatic motion. within any arenas that are aquatic, characters with this ability may make one extra move action per round.

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