Slime Beast from the Thirteen Pits

Created by: BrentNewhall

This horrid, horse-sized slug resides somewhere at the bottom of a network of pits outside the jungle city of Thuun. The pits themselves were left behind by some ancient civilization, for what reason nobody can determine.

Nearby superstitious savages throw offerings into the pit occasionally: jewelry, food, slaves. Unfortunately, travelers are also a favorite offering.

Armor Class: 13

Hit Points: 22

Weapon Type: Very Heavy


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus


Every opponent failing an Awareness check is not aware of the creature's existence.

Sticky Icky

The creature can choose to use their sticky icky ammo.

Attack: ranged, minion; Hit: minion; Effect: Target is immobilized and cannot take a move action on their next turn

Web Spray

Immobilize all opponents in one adjacent arena, unless they make a Cunning save (difficulty 7)

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