Snake Shaman

Created by: barsoomcore

These crazed sorcerers bond themselves to poisonous reptiles, gaining terrifying powers and a creepy snakey sort of look to them. They hiss a lot, and fight with snake-headed spears. The heads on these spears can come alive, twisting and biting at opponents.

Armor Class: 12

Hit Points: 2

Weapon Type: Reach


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus

Hurl Serpents

The tip of the creature's weapon leaps at an opponent, making a ranged attack that does one point of damage and forces a Commitment check in order to avoid getting poisoned -- if the check fails, the target takes an additional two points of damage.

This is an Attack action.

Poisonous Bite

When making a successful attack, the creature can pull the target in and bite with their poisonous fangs. The target will take one additional poison damage unless they make a Commitment save (Difficulty 7) at the end of the round.

Snake Bomb

With screeching incantations and foul gestures, this creature can summoun up a writhing horde of serpents. This ophidian eruption causes no damage, but the entire arena in which it takes place is turned into a Hazardous one, and everyone in it must make a Commitment check to not flee the arena immediately. Except for snakes and Snake People, of course

Snake Spear Head Attack

This creature has a spear with the head of a snake. If the snake head on the spear comes alive, it twists and turns as it tries to bite at the target. This makes the creature's attack more effective, so it gets 3d10 on its attack roll (dropping the lowest result, like a Light Weapon).

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