Created by: BrentNewhall

A spectre's not a ghost. Ghosts are the spirits of the living that won't quite let go of our world.

A spectre is a malevolent spirit called back from the grave through sorcery and twisted into a persistent, insubstantial creature of hate and malevolence. Spectres were called back on purpose, though their creators are often long gone.

Spectres usually appear as idealized spectral warriors, complete with (now useless) armor, helmets, and weaponry. They have no minds to speak of; they usually remain in one location and attack anything that comes near.

Armor Class: 14

Hit Points: 6

Weapon Type: Heavy


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus

Spectral Fright


Projects a fearful image to an enemy.

1d12 vs. Daring; 2 damage.

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