Spider People - Skinwalker

Created by: barsoomcore

These creatures appear to be human, elf, or dwarf, but not convincingly so. They hold their arms and heads at strange angles and have eerie jagged movements. They might appear to be doing normal things, but even a casual glance can see they're not quite right - books are held upside down, dishes and silverware are crunched into loudly instead of used to eat food, and their eyes never focus on what they are doing. They wear the disguises only to get close enough to strike.

When revealed as frauds, one skinwalker will emit a high-pitched shriek that alerts the others and will tear its human skin off with a sickening wet rip. Arms and legs unfold to reveal eight segmented legs that come to needle-like points. Their heads stay the same size, but have eight glowing green eyes and a pair of vicious mandibles.

Armor Class: 12

Hit Points: 5

Weapon Type: Reach


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus

Create Ceiling

Create a new arena called "Ceiling (Open)" and move into it. The ceiling arena connects to all arenas that would logically be underneath the ceiling.


Drop down from the ceiling and attack in one round. (as Fighter's Charger power)

Poisonous Bite

When making a successful attack, the creature can pull the target in and bite with their poisonous fangs. The target will take one additional poison damage unless they make a Commitment save (Difficulty 7) at the end of the round.

Web Spray

Immobilize all opponents in one adjacent arena, unless they make a Cunning save (difficulty 7)

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