The Beautiful Dead-Raising Slime Devourer with Love-Kindling Spores

Created by: BrentNewhall

The Beautiful Dead-Raising Slime Devourer with Love-Kindling Spores, otherwise known as the Pink Slime of Pain, is feared, reviled and hated.

Why, you ask?

It kills people. And then uses its innate necromantic powers to raise those people. Then the Pink Slime applies transmutative makeup to these zombies, transforming them into beautiful creatures called Pretty Zombies. All of the Pretty Zombies are magically bound to the Pink Slime whom uses its limited intelligence to try and lure unsuspecting creatures and folks into its lair... where it kills them. This is effective because the Pink Slime has naturally occurring Mushrooms of Love on its body and lair. By telekinetically displacing these 'shrooms onto the Pretty Zombies, the Pink Slime's minions become deadly charming.

Pink Slime has two main forms of attacks; dissolve 'n' munch and telekinetic death poke. The target's Charm rating determines the method of his death; anyone that has Charm +2 or lower will receive the Dissolve 'n' Munch while others are granted the Telekinetic Death Poke, congratulations!

Armor Class: 11

Hit Points: 15


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus

Dissolve 'n' Munch

By exerting its control over gravity whilst hobbling forward, the creature slams an opponent into its body. This is where its acidic insides begin their job of dissolving one's flesh. Slimes gather sustenance from such practices.

This is a Heavy Weapon attack that if successful will move the target into the creature's body, a Dense Arena. Depending on the creature's size it may host many dinner guests. Whilst within the creature, folks are unable to do anything besides try to swim out, a Commitment test versus the creature's Brawn. Regardless of whether or not this Attribute test is successful, the victim will suffer 1 damage.

Hitting 0 Hp due to this attack is akin to being eaten. Unless you know a cleric with a Resurrect Nom'd Folks Spell, they are probably gone forever.

Telekinetic Death Poke

This is the act of infusing telekinetic force with negative necromantic power and then driving it into the cheek or belly of an opponent.

This is a Ranged attack. Upon being hit by the Telekinetic Death Poke the victim must make a Commitment test versus 8 or take an additional 1 damage from the attack.

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