The Sorcerers of Ikhael


Long ago, when the realm was new and the Gods reveled in their tasks of creation, stood a lone deity named Ikhael who observed with an ever watchful eye when the time of his contribution to the world would be at hand. It was not until his half brother, Zerial, God of Wisdom, created the humanoid races that Ikhael saw the potential for his half brother's creations to serve under his will. Thus, with snake like whispers he taught the races how to hate each other and how to forge weapons to strike against those they hated. And thus, the first war of the humanoid races began in the young years of the world and Ikhael rejoiced in the chaos of his creation and proclaimed himself as God of War. However, the other Gods were not amused by the perversion Ikhael had laid upon their efforts and seeing that they could no sooner recreate the world and it's races without much effort they struck at the source of the issue, Ikhael himself. The other Gods cast the self proclaimed God of War into the realm between worlds where he could no longer spread his whispers of destruction.

But Ikhael was not so easily dealt with. Through the borders of creation itself he speaks out to those sensitive to magic who will serve him, often lending his awesome power to those worthy. These servants seek to continue his work and bring unending war upon the face of the world if only to show defiance in the face of the other Gods.

Armor Class: 8

Hit Points: 5

Weapon Type: Light


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus

Ikhael's Wrath

A torrent of spectral blades flows in the direction of a chosen victim in an arena, dealing 2 points of damage (No roll). If an additional Awesome point is spent and the sorcerer spends a turn concentrating, the spell deals 4 points of damage.

Spectral Javelin

The caster creates and flings a glowing spectral javelin on their turn.

-Can attack an enemy in another arena like a ranged weapon. (Used on "Shoot" turn) -Roll as if a Light Weapon -1 point of damage

Web Spray

Immobilize all opponents in one adjacent arena, unless they make a Cunning save (difficulty 7)

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