The Thing in the Well

Created by: Esoteric

"Good morning," the Thing in the Well calls, "And how are we this morning Mrs. Westmen?"
"Oh, just wonderful. How have you been keeping, Thing?"
"Fine, fine. A little peckish, a bit in the mood for, you know, a nibble, a bite to eat. But no really, don't worry yourself, I'm perfectly happy."
"It's quite alright Thing, I was just thinking that I should bring by some lunch. How does a ham sound?"
"You are too kind Mrs. Westmen, just too kind..."
The Thing in the Well has lived in the village for longer than anyone can remember. It is traditional to fix regular meals for the Thing, and to present it with a sheep or pig on special occasions. Years ago a boy went down the well on a dare. He never returned. The subject has not been broached in the presence of the Thing.

Call-ons: shrouded in darkness, probably tentacles, purify water, gentlemanly, gluttony, town secrets

Armor Class: 16

Hit Points: 7

Weapon Type: Reach

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