Wandering Jack

Created by: barsoomcore

The story of Wandering Jack is one known in every village and told by every bard in ballad and tale. Listen:
Jack is a highwaymen, and a man of poor morals and poorer hygiene. Marian is the daughter of the Barron, and the most beautiful maiden in all the land. They meet on a dark and stormy road, and it is love at first sight. Jack is a changed man, renouncing his wicked ways in devotion to his love. Eighty stanzas later Jack is caught, tried, and hung in the Barron's court. Marian is distraught. The power of pure love brings Jack back from the grave to be reunited with his dearest. Marian, unknowing, kills herself out of anguish. Jack becomes a twisted, dark creature that haunts the roadways and forest paths, roaming far and wide in search of something he can never have again.
The End.

Call-ons: deathly fortitude, ghost stories and folklore, forest step, friend of the wolf-things, dark humor

Armor Class: 12

Hit Points: 9

Weapon Type: Light


Add this many Awesome Points to the Bowl

Using this power requires the creature to Focus


By attacking an opponent that happens to be attacking somebody else this round, you get a +2 to hit them and do an extra two points of damage.

Master Treasure Hunter

This creature has found everything but what it seeks. Given time and resources, it can locate anything secret or hidden.

Touch of Death

Beings that have gone over to the other side, and then come back, have a kind of aura about them, a feeling of creepy that gets everywhere and makes you want a bath. These beings, wherever they go, carry with them the full experience of dying in crystal clear detail. Sometimes the smallest intimate contact- a touch, or eyes meeting, is enough to transmit part of that experience. Deal 2 damage to an opponent, and roll Commitment vs. Daring. If the opponent fails, then they are shaken and can not use any talents or spend awesome points until the end of their next turn.

Vengeful Strike

Chose any action except defend or protect to complete normally. In addition, make a counter attack against everyone that successfully hits you on the attack turn of this round. All counter attacks are made at -2.

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