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Ninja warriors jealously defend their clan's honour


In secret enclaves or in massive temples, brooding unfriendly fortresses and salacious bawdy houses, the ninja clans that once formed the secret fist of the Imperial Family's power do their best to maintain their traditional ways and secret arts, here in the wild barbarity of the islands.

What Happened?

The Emperor relied on the ninja clans as his trusted eyes and ears, and his hidden knives in the dark that could never be turned against the throne. In practice not every clan was perfectly trustworthy, but the better part of them had been counted on by generations of Imperial rulers. Throughout the history of the Empire, the clans conducted heroic campaigns against enemies internal and external, campaigns that most of the Empire's people never heard of.

But the Emperor fell. The great sorcerers of the Imperial Court, the cruel eunuchs who'd given up their manhood in search of ultimate power, overthrow their masters in what has since been known as the Bureaucrat's Rebellion. Having suborned generals, ministers and governers throughout the Empire, the eunuch sorcerers believed that their coup would be effortless, but they had not counted on the determination and skill of the ninja clans, who fought back with their weapons of secrecy and deadly technique.

But clans were disunited, and the clever sorcerers found ways to pit them against each other. Clan fought clan in bitter vendettas, spurred on by the sorcerers and their allies, and soon the clan leaders that were left realised they faced extermination. They fled the Empire, seeking refuge amongst the thousands of islands where the DINO-PIRATES had made their base.

And Now...

Realizing that it was partially due to their secrecy and inter-clan rivalry that they were caught off-guard by the sorcerers, the ninja clan masters agreed to establish a single stronghold where all clan members could in need fall back on. They created a Council to help mediate disputes between clans, and to help share knowledge and wisdom so that such a disaster would not strike again. They found a fog-shrouded island where they could build their headquarters, and so NINJA ISLAND was born.

Here the ninja clans hope to rebuild and one day restore the Empire and the Imperial Family they were sworn to defend.