Meet Your Captain!

Captain Li

Captain Li is not the most cheerful woman on the seas. But her crew loves her.

My brand-new serial adventure, THE SEVENTEEN EYES OF JUSTICE, has just launched, with four episodes ready for you to download today! I thought I’d introduce you to the hero of this ongoing tale: Captain Li!

A Hard Woman in a Hard Place

Captain Li Ying is a woman in trouble. Captain and owner of the disreputable, and HAUNTED BY DEMONS, cargo ship Seeker, she needs to find a new evil soul every few weeks, or else the seventeen demons – the EYES OF JUSTICE – bound into the ship will be freed to enact their idea of JUSTICE on the world.

It’s not her fault. She inherited the ship from her father upon his death, and all she knows is what he told her, and that wasn’t very much. She knows how to keep the demons satisfied, but she doesn’t know where they came from or what they really are. So she sails from port to port amongst the tropical islands of the DINO-PIRATE seas, looking for jobs to keep her ship afloat, and bad, bad people to turn over to the waiting Eyes of Justice.

Starting In Tragedy

When we first meet Li (as she’s mostly called, “Ying” to close friends like her lifelong first mate, Anarayat), she’s trying to find a new evil soul she can hand over to the Eyes. This isn’t a straightforward process at the best of times. The Eyes have proven discerning in their taste for evil and if she hands them someone they don’t consider “tasty” enough they are not satisfied. Which means Li suffers, and the Eyes are that much closer to escaping the prison of her ship. And of course, evil people, by their nature, are kind of hard to just TALK into coming aboard her ship for a three-hour tour, so Li needs to get creative from time to time.

It’s that creativity that earns our first episode its cheerful title, “Ending in Tragedy”.

And Then Getting Worse

Her life is a tough one. Tracking down evil people is certainly a dangerous sort of hobby, and when the Eyes get hungry they can take it out on Li, so she doesn’t have much time for a personal life. She does her best to look after her sort of loony crew, but what she really needs is a way to deal with the Eyes of Justice once and for all. In order to do that, she’ll have to somehow get her father’s old logbooks back from the man who has them — the slippery self-styled Lord Evanisk of Seagaard, who always hated her father and only wants the power of the Eyes for himself. And Evanisk has no intention of handing them over, not unless Li dances to his sadistic tune.

As if all this wasn’t complicated enough, Li finds herself falling kind of hard for the handsome, well-dressed scholar Lord Evanisk has put to watch over her. Arunza is everything she’s not: elegant, educated and effortlessly graceful. Having him around is no end of distracting for Captain Li, even though she knows he’s working for her hated enemy.

Captain Li can’t keep going on the way things are. The Eyes of Justice are after her soul, and sacrificing people, even terrible people, is no picnic. Her only hope is to somehow hope she can trust the charming Arunza long enough to steal her father’s notes back from Lord Evanisk, and that somewhere in those scribbled pages lies the clue to sending away the Eyes forever.

You can buy the first seven episodes of THE 17 EYES OF JUSTICE right here on this site, or grab them for your Kindle on Amazon!

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