A Desperate Captain.

Captain Li Ying sails a ship full of demons, hungry for the souls of the wicked! Her father told her how to keep the demons controlled, but it's the things he DIDN'T tell her that are really causing trouble. Now she struggles with sinister powers and her own troubled past for control of this terrifying legacy.

A Haunted Ship.

Her ship, Seeker, seems to be nothing but an old, disreputable cargo ship, but Captain Li has bigger problems than finding another job. Because Seeker is a haunted ship, possessed by the spirits of seventeen cold-hearted (and one-eyed) demons, who demand a steady diet of evil souls that they can deliver their terrifying brand of "justice" upon.

17 Hungry Demons.

If Captain Li can't keep the Eyes of Justice satisfied, they will take control of her own soul and tear themselves free of the ship, wreaking havoc upon the world.!

THE SEVENTEEN EYES OF JUSTICE was written as a serialized story, but it's now fully complete and available for download.

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