Jihanna the Demon and Captain "Plum Blossom" are two of the most notorious pirate captains of our time, each surrounded with legend and myth.

But they were not always so well-known, and these are the tales of their youth, of brash young adventurers seeking fortune and glory. These are not stories of unmitigated triumph, nor of epic splendor, but of the dark alleys and dangerous paths where lurk opportunity and danger.

Jihanna and Siu-Wai, the former born a ragamuffin ship's brat, the latter from a noble Imperial family, might seem to have nothing in common. But they are both courageous and hungry for adventure. Read their tales!

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Each Two Lions tale is a short, thrilling adventure you can read in half an hour or so.


The introductory tale! Jihanna and Siu-Wai meet for the very first time, to the dismay of a greedy sorcerer.

Part One
Part Two


Tomb-robbing and romance mix with violent outcomes. Our heroines separate, yet face the same enemy, betrayed by their own desires.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three