Announcing The 17 Eyes of Justice!

17 EYES Desktop

Come sail the DINO-PIRATE seas on a demon-haunted ship!

I am embarking on a new sort of venture: a serialized story. Each month, I’ll be publishing a new episode of THE 17 EYES OF JUSTICE, a pulp adventure tale about a desperate captain and her haunted ship.

Each episode is meant to be a more-or-less standalone story, another thrilling adventure featuring Captain Li and her intrepid crew. They battle sorcerers, gangsters and ninjas, all the while searching for a way to free themselves of the soul-eating demons that possessĀ their ship. But if you read them in order, you’ll find an epic tale of a woman’s search for her father, and answers to the mysteries of her past.

What Is It?

17 EYES isn’t exactly a novel, and it isn’t just a collection of short stories. It’s more like a season of a TV show, like Spartacus or Deadwood, where each time you tune in you’ll get a satisfying, complete tale that nevertheless fits into a larger narrative. You’ll be able to read an episode in an hour or so, and I think you’ll find it fun to go back some times and look for clues and hints that were planted earlier. I hope you tune in, and that the story keeps you engrossed — but not too frustrated.

I’ve always loved this kind of story-telling, and it’s really how my brain normally conceives of tales. As a DM, I think of an “episode” like a particular adventure that goes into making up a campaign. There are connections from one adventure to the next, and mysteries revealed in one adventure may not get solved for some time afterwards, but each adventure is a complete quest in its own right.

That’s the plan, anyway.

There are a dozen episodes planned, and the first three are already written and available for you to read today right here on the DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND website. Or you can buy them on Amazon for your Kindle.

Join the Crew!

I’m very excited about this project, and I hope you’ll join me in this experiment. Remember that if you sign up for my email “story-letter” not only will you get free stories every week, set in the same world as 17 EYES, you’ll also be able to download the first episode of THE 17 EYES OF JUSTICEĀ completely free.