Blood Star Eternal

When the Galactic Center starts to die, sun after sun collapsing into red dwarfs that cannot support life, human civilization has only one hope: the long-discredited research of Doctor Lanspar and her deep-space explorer, The Whimsy Decode. For decades the Doctor has tried to convince her colleagues that stars are sentient creatures with unthinkably long lifespans. Now she has to find a way to rebuild her aging ship and take it into the mind-bending world of living stars, racing against social collapse and vicious civil war to find a cure, only to discover that what’s happening has been long prophesied among the giant intelligences themselves: the coming of the BLOOD STAR ETERNAL. Can Doctor Lanspar and her heroic crew find a way to save two civilizations?

Death Handkerchief Academy

Poor Ana is mortified when a sneezing attack in her very first class forces her to bring out the gaudy handkerchief that Granny gave her, but she’s not prepared for the sudden swirl of interest this embarrassing event creates! Why are her classmates so interested in her and her Granny’s zany embroidery? And why do so many of them seem so… heavily armed? But when super-cool class president Ricardo suddenly expresses his interest in shy, never-been-cool Ana, she has to decide if she’s going to give in to the thrill of romance, or if she needs to wipe away her easily-hurt feelings and uncover the truth about her Granny, this creepy school and all these dead bodies! DEATH HANDKERCHIEF ACADEMY